Watch Your Step

Will the second step be up or down? That is the question I’ve asked myself in preparation for this second post. That question can be answered only by stepping, but premeditation always plays its part, usually an oversized one. The second step establishes the first line, the first trajectory, a pattern, a habit. Now already I’m one-third through this second step, where premeditation becomes a conversation with itself for you

But I don’t have to stay on this second step; I can jump anywhere from here. I can be whimsical here, according to my rules. So, I’ll jump to my watch. It is a Bering Solar with a flexible black metal strap, dark face, gold case, gold crown, and gold hands. This watch is a gift from my Grandma and Grandpa (van Belle), celebrating the publication of my book Zenithism. The colors match the book: black and golden-bronze, even fawn. I was never a “watch person,” until this watch. My grandparents picked the perfect celebratory gift: time

To tie up this trefoil knot, I thought I ought to talk about my third step. My third step will be focused, unlike those foggy cobblestones making up that second step we took together. The throat needs at least two clearings in these plague years. A thick after-silence will compel me to make some point or other, especially since my step went neither up nor down, but forward only (through time).