Inaugural Bloggural

I call this very first blog post, “Inaugural Bloggural,” without any sense of what I might want to do with such a title, except start out on a light note. This new blog, Hephaisteion, I’m describing as “Some wind-whipped airborne seeds from my dandelion life.” In other words, a blog about whatever strikes me. In fewer words, a blog about whatever

Certainly my fixations and habits will soon show, and may even require a repurposing of this blog (perhaps into a blog about building fortifications out of flowers); but until anything more definite arises, I welcome you to this light breeze of a blog—a monthly breeze: only three paragraphs per post (an easy-breezy three). Three paragraphs per one month, posted every fourth Friday, is my speed, blogwise.

So, thank you for taking a little bit of time with my little bit of blog. If you need something to do on the fourth Friday of the month, but nothing really seems worth doing, and you feel restless, wind-tossed even, might as well stop by Hephaisteion, that oddly named blog by that guy with the mini schnauzer named Nietzsche, and get a fresh update on another person, like you, lost in the breeze.